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Vote – Registration – 2016

Register to Vote by October 12

In order to vote in this election, you’ll need to register by October 12 in the state of Missouri.

There are a few ways you can register to vote in Missouri:

Registering to vote is easy and important. In a crucial election year like this one, every vote counts. So make your voice heard by registering by October 12!

Register by Mail

In order to register by sending your registration form in the mail, you must mail the form to your county clerk’s office by October 12.

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Download Registration Form

Register in Person


Visit your county clerk’s office to pick up an application to register to vote. Fill it out there or make sure to return it by October 12 in order to be able to vote.

Find Your County Clerk

Register Online


Want to fill out your application online? No problem. Visit the Missouri Secretary of State’s website to register right now!

Register Online