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STL Jewish Light: Rep. Ann Wagner: Biden administration is ‘shockingly weak’ in support for Israel

If the United States can’t even actively defend Israel when rockets are being fired across its border, Biden could throw away all the hard work President Trump put into getting closer to peace in the Middle East.


Fox News: Rep. Ann Wagner: Biden’s incomplete Afghanistan plan hurts interpreters and allies – it’s a disgrace

There should be no doubt: if you seek to harm the United States of America and the American people, there will be consequences. Likewise, if you seek to advance American interests, we will support you. The opposite is true with Biden and his administration. Look at how they have ignored providing assistance and protection to the Afghan interpreters who worked with our troops, sought to support democracy and protect American interests.


Life News: Pro-Life Congresswoman: We Must Stand Up for the Right to Life of Unborn Babies

Congresswoman Ann Wagner encouraged Americans this week to raise their voices for the rights of unborn babies as pro-abortion Democrats in Washington work aggressively to destroy them.


Breitbart: Exclusive – Rep. Ann Wagner: We Must Stop the Radical Left’s Attack on the Right to Life

I am so grateful for the Christian conservative values that I have carried throughout my life. As a conservative woman, mother, and now grandmother, I will always fight to protect our unborn children, and I will never stop fighting until this bill is enshrined in law.


Townhall: GOP Reps Hope to Bring ‘Born-Alive’ Abortion Bill to House Floor

A group of House Republicans are hoping to introduce the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which mandates that medical care be given to infants who survive botched abortions. Reps. Ann Wagner (R-MO), Kat Cammack (R-FL), and House GOP Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) are set to file a discharge petition for the legislation on Wednesday.