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National Security

Ann supports a robust and effective military that is empowered to protect the American people from ISIS and other radical Islamic terrorists in the Middle East. She has consistently supported funding for locally-manufactured fighter jets, the Growler and Super Hornet, so that our military men and women have sufficient tools to keep us safe.

Jobs and the Economy

From a young age, Ann’s parents taught her the value of a hard day’s work and that the government ought not be in the way and on the backs of the American people. The bottom line: the federal government spends too much, taxes too much and regulates too much, and the resulting bureaucracy and red tape hurts job-creators and the middle class.

Illegal Immigration

Ann strongly opposes the Obama Administration’s policy of taking unconstitutional, unilateral actions on immigration. She believes we must enforce our existing laws, secure our borders and ensure the American people that we are keeping their families safe from dangerous criminals.

Reining in Government Spending

Ann strongly believes that we are never going to be able to tax, borrow and spend our way to economic prosperity. One of her top priorities in Congress has been to rein in Washington spending so that our children and grandchildren are not forced to pick up the tab for Washington’s reckless spending binge.

Fighting Sex Trafficking

Ann has led the fight against sex trafficking in the U.S. House of Representatives. As a mother, she believes we have a moral obligation to stop the devastating consequences of sex trafficking, where innocent young men and women are dragged into the abyss of modern day slavery.

Our Conservative Values

As a lifelong Missouri resident, Ann understands what it means to fight for conservative family values. During her time in Congress, she has consistently led the way on pro-life issues and sought to give voice to the voiceless and protect the rights of all Missourians.

Protecting Survivors of Assault

Ann believes that survivors of sexual assault deserve more protection from dangerous criminals and all levels of government must do more to protect innocent women during the difficult road to recovery.

Financial Services

American families deserve better opportunities to save for their future. Ann is proud to serve on the House Financial Services Committee and has worked to make sure that critical investment tools are accessible to Americans of all income levels. When it comes to investment advice, the priorities of Missouri families should always come first.